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The plus one

Updated: May 16, 2019

Congratulations! You just scored an access to the hottest party of the year AND there's free food!!!

Wait, it's not a party. It's a wedding and you barely know the couple. What do you do?

Here are possibly the best tips to being an amazing plus one at a wedding:

1. Be courteous! Your first impression is key and meeting the birde and the groom for the first time will dictate how they will deal with you within the day.

2. Dress up properly! If you're thinking of wearing a button down shirt with no tie and jeans, don't even bother showering. We need you to be more presentable because your dates reputation is on the line. Plus it'll be so hard editing you out if you look like you're going to block party.

3. Don't drink too much! Well... you know... because alcohol...

4. Be the designated table photographer! Always offer to take the photos instead of being in it, especially if the table is all co-workers or book club friends or something. If you don't know half of the people in the table, you need to be courteous and take the photo.

5. Don't be shy! The last thing we want to see is a weird person standing in a corner somewhere looking like they need to go to the bathroom really bad. Speak up and introduce yourself! 

If you do all these things, we will love you forever and you will be the guest of our dreams!!! 

Feel free to email us at heypaul@boffovideo.com​ for more questions! Don't worry, it's absolutely free!