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The best man plan

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Is this your first time being the best man? Are you always the best man? Do you think you know what you're doing? Here is a list of the "do's" to be the ideal best man. You see, in video, we see and hear everything. Don't forget!

1. Make sure the groom in stress free

What does this mean? The groom cannot be thinking about where his folks are, what to do next, where the other groomsmen are. Make sure he's eager to see his bride soon. After all, you get what you give right? Payments for all the vendors

2. Coordinate with the Maid of Honor at all times especially with regards to the wedding day timeline

3. Throw a Bachelor party that everyone will never forget, not regret!

4. Rally the boys. ALL THE TIME.

5. Give the best speech ever

Feel free to email us at heypaul@boffovideo.com​ for more questions! Don't worry, it's absolutely free!