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Maid of horror no more

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

The last thing we wants is the bride to be stressed out because the maid of honor didn't take care of the small things. This guide is to make sure that everything on the bride's side looks flawless (at least on video)

1. Make sure that you know the Wedding Day Timeline and everyone should stick to the schedule.

2. Be the extension of the bride. That means you need to help her organize stuff, get into her dress, make sure she doesn't leave anything, run errands... basically be the shock absorber.

3. Make sure the bride looks photogenic. All the time.

4. Give the best speech ever and make the bride cry!

5. Help clean up!

Feel free to email us at heypaul@boffovideo.com​ for more questions! Don't worry, it's absolutely free!