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I mucked up

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Regret is defined as a feeling of sadness or disappointment over something that has happened in the past. 

You'll be hitting yourself in the head if you don't, at least, take a look at this list!

Regret #1: You get what you paid for

The sad part is, you always realize this at the end. Prevention is better than cure so save yourself the headache and make sure your expectations meet your budget. It'll save a lot of headache and money.

Regret #2: Not hiring a wedding planner

You wouldn't want to have all the money you spent on a wedding go to waste would you? If you don't hire a wedding coordinator, chances are the whole day will be a mess.

Regret #3: Hiring a friend

The best way to lose a friend is to hire them. Sure it's going to be fun when you hire your friend but what if things go south? How are you going to handle it? How are THEY going to handle it? At the end of the day, you're the customer, so hire someone who will treat you as a client and not a drinking buddy.

Regret #4: MicroManaging Vendors

You are a client not a boss. Stop Micromanaging your vendors! You paid your vendors a lot of money and that means that they're professionals. If you hired them because of their taste, then you will need to trust them on the day of your wedding or else, the results will be different.

Regret #5: Not hiring a videographer


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