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Best Wedding Videographer Search Guide

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Are you still looking for that one video company that understands your needs, feeds your soul ...and fits your budget? Let me save you the headache and give you the fastest and easiest way to find the videographer of your dreams.

1. Ask your photographer

This is the best place to start.


Odds are, you already booked a photographer. Since, you two share the same taste, you need to trust their aesthetics. They would know which videos are good, which ones are remarkable and which one will fit your style. Second, since they'll be working together the entire day, it's very important that the photographer and the videographer have good chemistry because that would greatly affect the finished product for both.

2. Ask your friends

Do you have friends who just got married? How about hopeless romantics who do nothing but watch all the wedding videos out there?

Ask them!

Don't forget to ask the friend who you share a similar taste with though.

3. Ask the videographer

Just in case the videographer you want is already booked, you can actually ask them if they know anyone else. The more professional ones would know people in the area who's work they respect and admire. Remember, it's always a good sign if a person helps you out even if they won't get anything from you.

{BONUS TIP} 3.1 Go on social media

Use hashtags on Instagram, type wedding videography on Facebook or visit our friends at LoveStories.TV and see who's poppin in your area!

4. Read their reviews

Now that you've narrowed down your list, it's time to see how they are as a business. Reviews online are important not only because it shows how long the company has been in business but also shows how much the clients go out of their way just to write something online and say how they feel about them.

5. Meet with them

To be able to see if there's chemistry between you guys, meeting the potential videographers is a must. Doesn't have to be in person but at least you get to see each other and talk in a more casual environment.

That's it! DONEZO!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at heypaul@boffovideo.com